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Thank you for giving us the privilege of welcoming you to our Ana Jay Garden Ville Resort. To ensure a safe and delightful stay, we have some house rules for you to observe.

Check in-out policy

1. Check-in on time
Checking-in late will not extend your stay as we will stick with your schedule. On the flip side, entry to the resort may not be guaranteed should the guest arrived earlier than their check in time

Check-in time:
3:00 PM
Check-out time: 12:00 NN

2. Extension shall be allowed with charges for as long as there is no booking after your stay. Extension would be 2,500 per hour.


Refundable Deposit

The refundable deposit (Security Deposit) is intended for possible incidental charges such as damage to or missing resort property. The security deposit will be collected upon check-in and be refunded upon check-out.

Maximum number of guests

The allowed maximum number of guests is 20 adults. Children from 0-2 years old are free provided they won't be needing additional beddings.

Supervision of minors

Minors under 18 years old are not allowed to enter the vicinity unless accompanied by adults or guardians or legal age.

Firearms/Deadly Weapons

Firearms or any deadly weapons are not allowed inside the resort

Medical compromised guests

Person with disabilities, mentality retarded, epileptic, hypertensive, etc. must be accompanied by their adult companion, guardian or parents at all times especially at the pool area. Person with skin, eye infection, open cuts or wounds or any communicable disease are strictly prohibited at the pool area


  • No vandalism nor littering
  • Dispose your trash properly
  • No urinating, spitting and waste discharge on the pool
  • No eating or drinking on all of the beds
  • No vomiting or urination on the beds & indoor inappropriate areas
    • A cleaning fee of PHP 5,000 shall be collected if one of those above-mentioned occurs.

Furniture Arrangement

Do not rearrange the furniture. No dragging of tables and chairs please.

Swimming pool

  • Take a shower before entering the pool
  • Garden Ville is a private resort and the pool's deepest level is 5 feet. Kindly guard the children as the resort doesn't offer a lifeguard. We strongly advise that the kids swim in the children's pool.
  • Strictly no diving, running, pushing and playing rough games around the pool area. The resort shall not be liable when a fortuitous events happens in the pool

Proper swimwear

Proper swimwear shall be observed. Cotton shirts and jeans are not allowed

Bathing Suit 

Board Shorts

Swim Trunks 

Water Trunks 

Not Permitted

G String Bikini Thongs 


Cutton T-Shirts

(White Shirt Only) 


Basketball Shorts 


Swim Diapers 

Modesty Swimwear

(Approved Fabrics Only) 

Standard Bikini 


Workout Attire

Spandex Short

Sports Bra 

Jeans Cut-offs

Denim Skirts 




Drinking water

Water from the faucets is not suitable to drink. We offer free filtered/purified water that you can drink. We also sell 5 gallons of mineral water for only P100 per container.

Proper Decorum

Gambling, prostitutions or engaging illegal drugs are absolutely not allowed.

Foods & drinks brought from outside or cooking in the kitchen

Bringing and cooking food are allowed but proper hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness of the resort  shall be observed all the time. No corkage fee will be collected.

Partying / Videoke / TV

Partying, videoke and watching Tv are allowed with consideration to our neighbors. Therefore, minimal volume shall be observed from 10pm onwards (Barangay rule)


The owners are pet lovers themselves, they made a special pet area in the site complete with pet crib, paly area and pet home located just outside the house. It is really designed for your loving pets. Pets are not allowed in the pool area.


No smoking inside the house. Smoking are only allowed at our designated smoking area.


Please wash your dishes after use. Clean as you go.

Toilet and Drains

Be careful of what you flush down the toilet. Do not flush anything down the toilet bowl, such as paper towels, baby wipes, cotton balls, hygiene product, plastic wrapper, etc. 


Be mindful of the keys. There will be a charge of P500 for every lost key.

Security Rules

Keep the main door close all the time. Do not let strangers in the resort. Call resort staff immediately when anything of suspicious nature occurs.

Cleaning fees

Garden Ville will charge a cleaning fee of P5,000 per area for those areas needing extra cleaning effort after your booking.

Care for the environment

When leaving your room, please close all the water taps and turn off all electrical appliances. Turn off the lights and A/C when not in use.
We assume the right to deny admission or to require a person who is / are admitted to leave our
Ana Jay Garden Ville Resort without refund of compensation, for failure to comply with any of these rules
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